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“Discovering that our Soul has a reason, and solution, why we are dealing with repetitive situations, can be life changing.”
John Akayzar
Clients say they feel a light has come on. The realisation that all they have been through has a purpose, a meaning, and most important, a way to change things, can be really empowering.
John Akayzar
Karmic Reader and Transformative Energy Specialist
About john and his work

Karmic Reader

John Akayzar is a Karmic Reader and Transformative Energy Specialist based in East Sussex, UK. He has been helping clients understand their karmic contracts for over twenty years. John works remotely with individuals and families all around the world but especially in the UK and USA.

John also clears negative energy from properties for clients, you can read about this at hometosanctuary.com

About Karmic Readings

what is a karmic reading?

The understanding is that every Soul comes in with KARMIC CONTRACTS with other significant Souls we encounter…perhaps in relationships, at work, or socially. However, as egos we do not know what these contracts are, so that they can be surprises, and not planned for.

A KARMIC READING can be asked for if there seems to be no obvious reason for our current circumstances. In the reading, I am permitted to ask about your situation, but not about anyone else’s contract – unless they have given their permission.

So, your Soul will guide you as to how to move on in the situation, but will not give you information regarding anyone else involved.


what can i expect in a session?

A typical KARMIC READING looks at whatever mental and emotional issues are affecting you, or whatever physical things might have happened to you, or whatever sort of limitations there may be in your life and/or body, that you want more understanding of.

I ask you to describe what’s going on in brief detail. Then I ask you for your PERMISSION to tune into your SOUL, your SPIRIT, your HIGHER SELF (which is the eternal aspect of ourself, as opposed to our temporal egos.)
I will ask if it’s permitted that you are given an understanding of the KARMIC causes and what might be going on with other energies that might have been influencing your situation.

After that I describe, as best I can verbally, what understandings I have been shown. And then I ask you if the information resonates with you (if it doesn’t we ask for clarification from your Soul).

Then we have a conversation about the understandings, and I will provide you with whatever tools may be available to help you alter your situation. For example separating of the energy ties in a relationship, or closing some energy on the Ancestors.


how long will the session take?

I like to keep Sessions to around 30 to 45 minutes. And then afterwards I will send you a WhatsApp  VOICE MESSAGE description of what was shared, and summarise it so that you able to replay it later.

Subsequent to that, I can answer any questions that come up in the next day or so, by text. After that if you’ve got any further questions you can email them to me. I will then reply within a day or two.

For confidentiality reasons I burn any notes that I’ve taken, and I delete completely any emails that you would have sent with questions.
This way there’s no record whatsoever. Basically, once you’ve dealt with the issue, I remove all energies concerned.



As to payment, I ask £70 for the one-off session and this can be paid directly into my bank, or via PayPal.


clients experience

"John is an exceptional person who has great integrity and can help in many deep ways. He has helped me to attune with and open up to my creativity and writing and to look at a very close relationship and work out what my highest self would wish for. He does not do the clearing or the work for you but he reads your karma/issues/energy or past lives, speaks to your higher self and guides you to a truth that feel exactly right. He then guides you with exercises so you can clear the issues or move on in a clear and constructive way.  Once John gave me the information and the instructions to clear or attune I felt a Natural alignment to channel to a very high being for my writing and also my intuition that something needed addressing in a close relationship was confirmed and I was facilitated to make (for me) brave and actual changes that feel important. I feel so much closer to my life purpose and am moving in directions that feel so much more aligned and true.  I value John fully. He is loving, true, kind and has an ability to tune into your higher self and speak with it and feels entirely real. Sometimes you are ready for the change - if this is so then speak to John he can help.  I have also passed him on to many friends who have also been so impressed and moved by his work."
"My Karma reading with John was eye opening and gave me much needed clarity in my relationships with my family and my partner. Before having my reading I was contemplating therapy and I now feel much more equipped to deal with my childhood trauma and my current life situation".
J.M. New York USA
"After 20+ years of inner work and working through multiple layers of a specific issue, the same old pattern came back again.  I reached out to John and he asked me to prepare 3 questions about the situation.  My most pressing question was “Can you help me see / understand the missing piece of this puzzle so that I can be free of this pattern once and for all?” And he did.  Not only did he provide me with the missing piece, he gave me powerful insights as to why things I thought of as ‘personality traits’ all stem from this same incident a long long time ago. I’ll be honest, I was crying by the end of our session but it was with relief.  Finally after so many years of searching, inner work and healing I finally understood what was at the root of this pattern and John provided me with the tools to be free of it and to make space for so much more joy. I have known John for a long time, but this new work that he is bringing forward is unlike anything I have experienced with him before.  It’s laser focused, insightful, grounded and incredibly nurturing.  It is with a grateful heart that I recommend him and this work to others".
C.M. italy

If you have any questions or would like to work with John, please fill in the contact form and he will be in touch with you as soon as possible.